Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Disable Weblogic Admin Console Access Based on IP Address

Hello All,

We can block the access to Weblogic Admin Console based on the IP Address.
If the Development team or non intended client gets to know about the Admin console credentials and if you want further to stop from accessing the admin console..

Following are the steps to be followed.

Goto --> Domain --> Security --> Filter --> Connection Filter --> Specify the following in connection filter rules

Target  localAddress  localPort   Action protocol

Target -->  IPAddress/Hostname of  which you need provide access or Block Access
Localaddress  --> Weblogic HostName
LocalPort  --> AdminServer Port number
Action --. Action to Perform either "allow or deny"
Protocol --> Protocols to be filtered http https t3 t3s etc

Example : abc 7001 deny http https t3 t3s

As per the above example the client with IP address "" cannot access the weblogic admin console running on the host "abc" at port "7001" using following protocols "http https t3 t3s"

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  1. Hi Sathya,

    after enabling the connection filter when i restarted the admin server it is shutting down automatically ?

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